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Tickets can be purchased at the park's ticket office (reservation required before your visit to the park via the following form). After receiving a confirmation of your reservation by email (within 24 hours), you can buy your tickets at the ticket office. 

To ensure a smooth visit, we strongly recommend that you buy your ticket online.  

If you are in possession of a day ticket, a partner pre-sale or an invitation, all you have to do is reserve a visit slot using the dedicated form.

If you have a leisure passport, you must book your visit to the park via the dedicated form. After confirmation by email (maximum 24 hours), you can pick up your tickets at the park's ticket office. If necessary, the sales department is available by email: contact@aquaparc.ch.

Yes, you can benefit from it by buying your ticket at the cash desk (reservation in advance via the dedicated form). For any further information, please contact the sales department by email: contact(at)aquaparc.ch

If you have a gift voucher, simply book a visit via the dedicated form and indicate "Aquaparc gift voucher" in the choice of ticket. Please present your printed gift voucher at the park ticket office on the day of your visit.


No, the car park is communal and is subject to a charge of CHF 7 per visit (or CHF 1.50 per hour). There are parking meters in the car park. Caution: risk of fine.

If the parkings near the park are full, you will be redirected to the car park near the Migros. A municipal shuttle bus will then take you to Aquaparc (bus stop opposite the Migros entrance).

No, because the car park does not have the necessary facilities. The Rive Bleue campsite is nearby.

It is open from March to October. You can contact them at :

Rive-Bleue SA
Camping de passage Rive-Bleue SA,
CP 68
CH-1897 Le Bouveret
Tél. +41 (0)24 481 21 61 


There is no minimum age to enter the park, however children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

For the slides, the minimum height requirement varies between 1.07m and 1.30m (see details here: park map

For children between 1.07m and 1.17m, the use of a lifejacket (available in the park) is compulsory to access the following slides: l'Abordage, Le Torrent, Le Houla Hoop, le Raft. 

Muffs must be worn by children or non-swimmers.

For the Booster Loop, the person must be at least 14 years old and weigh between 45 and 100 kg.

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

For children between the ages of 12 and 15 inclusive: a waiver must be signed by the child's legal representative. The document can be downloaded from the link below. Only this printed document, duly completed, and handed in at the cash desk when the child arrives will be accepted to let him/her enter the park alone.
Dear parents, we ensure your children's water safety in accordance with the park's internal regulations, but your children remain your responsibility.
Click here to download the parental release form.

You can do with your child: the pirate ship, the wave pool, the current river and Sharkyland - the toddlers' haven.


Yes, for reasons of hygiene and safety, shoes are not allowed to be worn in the park from the entrance to the changing rooms. Shoes must be stored in the customer's locker.

Swimming costumes must be worn when bathing. Underwear, shorts and sports T-shirts are not considered as aquatic clothing. Only swimming costumes and swimming shorts (not below the knees) made of waterproof material are permitted.

The burkini is allowed inside the park.

No, for hygienic reasons you cannot use a stroller in the park.

We invite you to use a "infant cat seat" or similar equipment for babies.

No, bathing caps are not compulsory, but visitors are free to wear them.

Yes, you can but you have to pay the entrance fee and you have to be barefoot.


Inside the park the following means of payment are accepted: cash (CHF and €, change will be given in CHF only), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Postcard), Reka cheque. 

Cheques are not accepted.

Inside the park the following means of payment are accepted: cash (CHF and €, change will be given in CHF only), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Postcard), Reka cheque. 

Cheques are not accepted.


Changing tables are available in the changing rooms of the park. Several microwaves are available in the restaurants and the changing rooms. The staff will be happy to provide you with information.

Yes, the picnic is allowed in our outside area. 

In winter or in rainy days, a picnic area is available in the park.

No, the Rive Bleue beach is no longer accessible from the park this year. 

Aquaparc works all year round with associations, schools and foundations to support local events!
If you are looking for prizes for your tombola, fair or other event, please send us your request using the dedicated form: 

Aquaparc sponsorship form

We'll give your request careful consideration!

Photos/videos are only allowed in the park for private use (family, friends).

It is forbidden to use a telephone in the attractions and on the slides.

The Go-Pro is not allowed in the park.

You can come to the park by train. The train station (Le Bouveret - Port Valais) is about 5-7 minutes walk from the park (lakeside path)
If you would like to come by bus, we invite you to contact the Tourist Office at 024.481.51.21.

Prepare your visit

Deux enfants s'amusent dans un toboggan du Bateau Pirate d'Aquaparc



Buying a ticket online guarantees you access to the park on the chosen date. As the park's capacity is limited, buying a ticket online is compulsory. A daily quota of tickets is on sale in order to respect our capacity.

*Reservations are required before the date of the visit*



Reservations must be made via our form. If you have a ticket or if you wish to buy your ticket at the cash desk because you have a discount, you must reserve your place in the park.

*Reservations are required before the date of the visit*

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