Will you dare to give it a try?

The Booster Loop: Switzerland's most intense slide. Will you dare to give it a try? Thrills guaranteed!

You board it from the start cabin. Once the door is closed, there's no way out: you'll be set loose through the hatch.
We control your start. Once the hatch opens, you're free to face the Booster Loop.
First, you'll speed up to 85 kilometres per hour and reach up to 3.6 G of acceleration.
The Booster Loop guarantees awesome thrills. You'd better not have a weak heart, beacause it'll throw you for a loop…

You will be proud of these 8 unforgettable seconds.

Are you in or out?

  • Accessible in both summer and winter
  • 14+ years old; weight between 45 and 100 kg
  • Solo slide
  • A feeling you won't experience anywhere else!

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