Video games come to the park !

From 11 to 26 February, dive into the world of video games (without the screens)!

They are part of our daily lives, help us to relax and are often the source of good times with the family. For the 3rd consecutive year, video games are coming to Aquaparc from 11 to 26 February. Through the proposed animations and the decoration, you and your family will dive back into the universe of your favourite heroes, and all this without being in front of a screen. Between two slides, you can search for gifts hidden in the park or complete special video game missions to make a lot of memories with your family!

Are you ready to start the game?

The programme :

- Meet the Aquaparc mascots: at the opening of the park or during the day, don't miss the opportunity to take a photo with our mascots.

- The pokéballs hunt : every day, go in search of the 10 pokéballs hidden in the park to leave with gifts from the Pokémon universe.

- The coin collection : help our favourite Italian plumber find his coins in the park and leave with a bottle of Morand's Syrup Aquaparc collector!

- The lucky box : find the secret code for Mario's lucky box to win a Nintendo Switch Oled.

- The gamers' magic wheel : every afternoon, spin the magic wheel to try and win a gift!

- The Sharky circuit : During the holidays, grab a buoy and let yourself be carried by the river current in a go-kart circuit atmosphere. Beware of bananas and shells! Immersion guaranteed!

- The 3 missions : complete the missions from the PacMan, Space Invaders and Tetris universe to try to win a 200 franc gift voucher from Mix Images, your Manga & Pop Culture specialist in Lausanne.

After finding a pokéball or completing the various missions, a break at the Aquabueno restaurant will help you regain your strength by tasting the holiday menu which will also be in the theme!

Put your daily routine on hold and come play with us!

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