Prepare your day out at the park !

Prepare your day out at the park !

The good reflexes for an enjoyable visit !

Following the latest announcements by the Federal Council, the Covid Certificate will be compulsory for access to the park from 13.09.2021.

In accordance with the recommendations of the FOPH following the introduction of the covid certificate, sanitary measures will be reduced in the park but will not disappear completely.

IMPORTANT : If you have a season pass, you must fill in the reservation form. Your priority booking will allow you to enter the park in case of full capacity for the chosen day. 


Measures in place to ensure your safety 

Marking is present in the park to remind visitors to respect the barrier gestures and keep their distance.

Protective screens have been installed at the cash desks, food outlets and in the shop.

The park will be cleaned regularly, and facilities will be disinfected frequently.

There are disinfection points and hand-washing stations dotted throughout the park.  

You are authorised to bring a picnic to the outdoor areas around the park. You are not authorised to bring a picnic into the park. 

We encourage our visitors to pay by credit card. Refunds at vending machines will be made exclusively by credit card.  




Before coming, you should buy your tickets on our website or book your visiting time using the online form if you already have your ticket. You can buy your tickets on-site (and benefit for an offer such as Passeport Loisirs or insurance card discount) after booking your visit using the online form


Before coming at the park, you should explain to the children the health measures that we put in place. Explain to them the social distancing for pools and attractions will help you to have a more enjoyable day at the park. 


Stay at home if you have any of the following symptoms in the days prior to your visit: cough, headache, high temperature, aches and pains, loss of sense of smell and taste. Our sales staff are available for you, to set another date for your visit as soon as you are feeling better. 


From 13.09.2021 it will be recommended to wear a mask in front of the park, in the reception area, the shop and the changing rooms.

  • I would like to buy a ticket

    By purchasing a ticket online, we guarantee you the access for the chosen day.

    Due to the limited number of visitors, purchase an online ticket is compulsory. 

    A limited amount of ticket is available every day in order to respect the day visitors quota. 

    If you cannot choose a date, it means that the park is full. We invite you to choose another ticket (exemple : 4 hours or late entry ticket) or another day to visit the park. 

  • I already have my ticket - i would like to purchase the ticket at the park

    Plan your visit with peace of mind by telling us which day you plan to come !

    Inform us of your visit by using the online form. The reservation is required to enter the park. 

    If you are not in the list, the acces may be refused.